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What is this? This site is a spoof of reviewtimes.shinydevelopment.com. Really it is poking fun at the annoying and arbitrary Apple review process.

Who is collecting this data? No one.

Where does this data come from? No where.

Why? I don't do iOS development outside of work and the completely maddening review process is one of the reasons why. It should not take 1-2 weeks between the time you are finished with a bug fix or new functionality before your users can have access to it. There are plenty of spammy/hackish apps in both app stores so I don't buy that it improves the quality of apps. It would be preferable for Apple to closely review the initial submission and then allow updates to go immediately. If they wish reviewing them afterwards/periodically to check for whatever it is that needs to be found. Manual reviews aren't going to catch anyone determined to sneak stuff past as has recently been shown.

The iOS development process goes something like: work, work, work to get something ready for release. Build it, submit it, then wait some unknown amount of time before the new functionality you're excited about gets in to the hands of your users. If you're trying to align updates/features with specific calendar dates it's even more fun as you have to strategically plan things out to make sure that you have enough time to allow for approval beforehand and hope that a random change in metadata or IAP doesn't throw a monkey wrench in to things and result in a rejection for not following an unknown rule or process.

Obviously this isn't the end of the world and plenty of people get along fine within it, but it's a major drag and why I would never choose to do iOS first. It's just too much of a drain on productivity and your ability to improve and iterate at a fast pace. I'd go Android first, get it right, and then iOS.